New York 2019 Presentations

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113 Industries & Coca Cola:
How to Understand Consumers in 99+ Countries

113 Industries:
Vitamin and Supplement Space: Market Projection Based on Social Data Consumer Research Using AI.

Abacus Agency
The Future of Mobile Creative for Advertising

Chris Malone:
Abandoning Vanity Metrics for Social Media Measurements with Real Business Value

Chris Malone:
The Human Brand: Building  Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age

Digitas Health:
Developing Content Strategy Using NetBase

Digitas Health:
Story Behavior Action! A Roadmap to Meaningful Content

Taking Influencer Marketing to the Next Level with Social Listening

Social Listening in all Phases of a Client Partnership

H&L Partners:
Winning New Business With Social Insights

Hotwire Global:
High Stakes Leadership in a Post-B2B-World

Social listening Wild West: How to Lay the Groundwork for a Social Measurement Program

Third Ear:
Soccer in North America: The Tipping Point is Here

Wells Fargo:
Growing A Social Listening Center Of Excellence: Defining Effective Enterprise Social Media Listening, Before Others Define it for You

Wunderman Thompson:
Partnering with GSK to Predict Flu Outbreaks Based on Social Data (and more)

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